Village of Milledgeville, IL



  • Christine Ottens, Village Clerk & Collector, 815-225-7231,
  • Jeff Hackbarth, Water, Streets & Sewer Superintendent,
  • Jim Hacker, Water, Streets & Sewer
  • Jim Haag, Chief of Police, 815-225-7134
  • Adam Drinkall, Treasurer
Click here for a copy of the village's water quality report.

Village Board

  • Galen Wirth, President
  • Gene Behrens, Trustee
  • Bryan Trotter, Trustee
  • Gary Geirnaeirt, Trustee
  • Jill Miller, Trustee
  • Wayne Sprecher, Trustee
  • Chad Schmidt, Trustee
Meetings are normally the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at Village Hall. Meeting changes are posted at the Village Hall. Click here to view minutes from past board meetings.

New Residents

For information about living in Milledgeville and receiving all municipal services (water, sewer, garbage pickup as well as information on signing up to receive the municipal rate for electricity) and community organizations and activities, visit Village Hall at 344 Main Avenue.

Village Utility Services

Village Recycling Information

Recycling is through Republic Services. Click here for information on what items are recyclable. If you have any questions on these instructions, please call Republic Services at 815-284-2432. Click here to download a 2019 Recycling Pickup Calendar.

Electronics Recycling

Bring your old electronics to Village Hall to be recycled. Microwaves can be recycled for $10; TVs and monitors can be recycled for $30 each. All other items can be recycled for free.